Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Boxing Clever

I needed something to fill up the space in a warehouse \ factory I was planning for a scenario, something a bit different to the ubiquitous oil drums. I was watching some cop show on the TV and they got to the inevitable fight scene, and then I saw it – cardboard boxes!
They get everywhere. People hide behind them, get thrown into them, and no car chase is complete without driving through at least one of them.
So inspired, I googled “scale cardboard box” and got this useful link
If you would prefer to design your own they are simply four squares or rectangles plus some tabs to allow you to glue.

I rescaled them to 50% so that eight would fit to a sheet of A4 and printed them out onto coloured card, then quickly cut them out and scored along the edges

You can stack them if you wish, and although only thin card, once based they are pretty robust.
Next I’m planning on designing some of my own with different logo’s, and also getting some different coloured card to break them up a bit.

The end result. As you can see you can leave them fairly rough , stack them neat or as a jumble, you can even crush a few if that fits your need.