Friday, 17 October 2014

American Lard

I just picked up the latest release from The Two Fat Lardies, 29 Lets Go! Link

They call this a "Pint Sized" campaign for Chain of Command, but in the words of the old Trophy Bitter TV Ad, this is a pint that thinks its a quart!

It costs £3.50 as a pdf download, and for that you get 32 pages, not one of them a filler.

29 Let's Go covers the sometimes halting and nervous advance of the US 29th Infantry Division in the immediate days after D-Day, and the dogged defence of the German opponents the 352nd Infantry Division.

You get a 15 page introduction to the historical events and background, including some excellent maps, plus a campaign setting based on the "ladder" system The Lardies published in their supplement to Chain Of Command "The Sharp End".

The campaign itself involves 5 balanced scenarios, linked directly or indirectly to each other, with a fair likelihood of some of them being needed to be run more than once to get to the campaign outcome - I wont say more as it could spoil the campaign for the players, but there is a lot more than 5 games there. Both sides have background showing their organisation, plus the two unique platoon profiles used in the campaign.

Unlike the previous campaign in "The Sharp End" which involved the British attack on Maltot (which if you are interested I played through and reported on in earlier posts) this campaign has a lot more options to include some tanks.

All in all this is a great buy, and while it is part of the CoC system it is easily adaptable to other WW2 infantry rules such as Bolt Action or Rules of Engagement.

Anyone interested in the actions this campaign set represents could do a lot worse than look out for a copy of "Beyond the Beachhead" by Joseph Balkoski, a great and balanced read.

ps - I'm told this is called a "Pint Sized" campaign because it is the price of a pint in Richards local. I can safely say if he is ever in Hartlepool I will buy him a pint in The Rat Race as a reward. Hopefully this is the first of many using this format - stunningly good value,  


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