Tuesday, 25 November 2014

2015 and all that (1)

GZG have announced their Xmas deal, the weather is starting to get really cold, there's only a few contestants left on Strictly Come Dancing, so it must be that special time of the year beloved of all wargamers, when we make plans and wild promises as to what we will be playing next year.

So far I have committed to more Dropzone Commander, a once a month Impetus meet, ditto Formula De,  a Chain of Command campaign in the Desert, and now a 15mm Sci Fi campaign using Gruntz, plus the carried over "Wastelands" \ Fallout skirmish.

In reality maybe one in three of these projects will actually bear fruit, some of the others will make it half way then get put on the "maybe later" pile, while others will be quietly shuffled into the gaming long grass. Part of the fun is finding out what. This time last year we were all tooling up for a 7TV campaign which came to nothing, even though everyone who played enjoyed it. A similar fate befell our VBCW plans. Of course another joy of wargaming is how quickly you can reheat a project, so maybe 2015 will see the Battle of Greatham (1938)?

Meanwhile my current planning is centred around Gruntz & DZC. We have a skeleton Gruntz campaign written, and four cautious expressions of interest, so roll on January !

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  1. My GZG Gruntz force is slowly taking shape, at this rate is may burst into a Galaxy (near Hartlepool) in early 2016

    All depends on how the Winter Painting goes ;)