Friday, 15 May 2015

Off to Triples

So I'm going to Sheffield tomorrow to attend Triples, a rather good wargames show.

I usually have some tournament or demo to run but this time, for various reasons, I'm just joining the hoi polloi and getting some meandering and shopping

The shopping list is the thing. I cant make my mind up, which is of course a disaster waiting to happen. I need to get some 15mm PaK 36s, and I want some "gribbly" bits of 15mm sci fi to jazz up some buildings - doors, roof vents etc, and maybe some 28mm Romano Brits to allow me to play Dux Brit

I suspect it will be the 15mm doors that will be my downfall, I will have to go to Ground Zero Games stall to get them, and John Tuffley is a wizard at getting my money.

Time will tell


  1. Some Foundry Romano Brits and Gripping Beast plastic Dark age infantry, plus the new PSC German Early War Support weapons in 15mm - it worked out about the same price to buy the box of 4 PaK 36s, 4 lIG 18s, mortars and MMGs as it would buying the PaKs in metal.