Wednesday, 27 January 2016

2015 - That was the year that wasn't.........

OK so were now happily steaming into 2016 and I have the urge - you know, "new period urge". In an effort to prevent my already stretched leisure budget from imploding I thought it would be an idea to list what I got done on the wargames front in the last year, and what still is sitting around gathering dust.

So on the plus side

I painted a 28mm French Indian Wars British force, a Dux Brit force, a 15mm WW2 Chinese army, added to my Dropzone UCM and Scourge forces, painted a Dreadball team and enough figures to form a Frostgrave party. With the exception of the Chinese, which were a commission for another gamer, all of the above got some use, so not too bad.

On the downside I bought a 28mm Roman Army (Warlord plastic), more 28mm Ancient Indians, Dropzone Resistance army, a box of Woodland Indians, some Perry DAK plus supports, more ancient Persians, 28mm Cybermen and Sontarans, most of the Russian fleet for The Battle of the Yellow Sea, 2 Dreadball teams, some more Hussites, some 1:200 WW2 planes, some 1:144 WW1 planes, and the Lord only knows what else. And all remain unpainted.

Almost anyway. I realised I had got bogged down in the early autumn, probably after returning from Derby with the usual load of lead and plastic. In passing I spoke to Rob Hymer, who haunts Asgard games in Middlesbrough, and he agreed to paint the DAK figures for a small stipend. I was pleasantly surprised when he rattled through them and nice they were too, but I decided to try and make them a bit more "mine" by adding some highlights, but then I was struck down first by an infection in my right leg caused by a scratch I picked up - probably in the day job, but that ended up hospitalising me and removing any urge to paint, then with a rather more serious problem that put me back in hospital for a fortnight and "laid me low" for some time longer. By the time I was ready to put highlights on Robs work it was already 2016, so here they are, or rather the first squad - more to come..

So what about 2016? I've pre-empted the Lardies and bought a platoons worth of modern British infantry in 20mm from Elhiem Figures, and very nice they are too. Onwards into 2016 


  1. I need to paint my 28mm DAK and 8th Army to join you on the tabletop :)

  2. I need to paint my 28mm DAK and 8th Army to join you on the tabletop :)