Monday, 22 August 2016

Dropfleet Commander - Seattle Class Fleet Carrier

So one of the perks of being at the Dropfleet Commander "Pre Launch" event at Cardiff over the weekend was getting my hands on a UCM Cruiser sprue.

This is currently a rather sought after item, so I thought I should strike while the iron is hot and see how the thing goes together. For the uninitiated, Dropfleet Commander (DFC) is the new Sci Fi Space \ Orbital combat game due for release "very soon". Once it is released I will revisit with some comments about the rules but in the meantime here's one of the toys - the UCM cruiser.

When you buy the starter set you will get enough bits to make three Cruisers and four Frigates for each side - enough for an interesting game. One point about the ships is that they are plastic and each cruiser sprue contains enough parts to allow you to build any one of the cruisers in the game - that has to be a bonus. So without further ado, here is the sprue!

There is a lot on there, but before I get into the different parts I should mention just how crisp and clean the parts are - very nice.

I'm going to build a Seattle Class Carrier - something I am guessing everyone will have at least one of as it is a very useful ship. The pic below shows the main parts - the hull and engines are universal but the rest are variable depending on what you are building.

Side clippers and here are the main parts off the sprue

Once cleaned up I checked them for fit and I have to say  they were excellent

So on I went with the Liquid Poly glue. Top Tip - Liquid Poly is far superior for this sort of work than the gel stuff you get from most games outlets - invest in it and you wont regret it. Here is the finished model with all the bits attached. I'm really struggling with the camera so may have to get a better pic, but needless to say it is a beautiful model