Monday, 13 February 2017

Winter Panthers for Tanks

Some time last year I mused on buying into Gale Force 9s new Tanks game as discussed here

Plastic Panthers

I played the first "Organised Play" campaign using mainly Cromwells (and for shame) Comets - something of an achievement as the campaign was supposed to be set in Normandy - I refer you to my earlier comments M'Lud, however the second campaign is late War Eastern Front and even I have limits so I needed some new toys.

I decided to get those Panthers painted, and in a fit of enthusiasm decided to try a whitewashed winter camouflage scheme - actually I initially undercoated them white then decided in a "sod that for a game of soldiers" moment to try a winter scheme as I was already half way there :-)

So here's the finished products. No decals (yet) but looking at pics there are many "real" vehicles where everything was over-painted anyway, so I may yet not bother.

So suitably inspired I'm now looking to expand my winter tanks collection, and I'm going to give this another read for inspiration.


  1. smashing Ken - it's lonely over on the Axis side,

  2. Wow very impressive
    Are the Reds wearing white too?