Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Dropfleet Commander Part 2 - The PHR "Orca" Fleet

It seems my opponent Paul had also not quite caught up on his painting schedule, so his killer whale themed fleet still had some gaps. He was fielding his hugely impressive Heracles Class Battleship, but he didn't have any Corvettes, which put him at a severe disadvantage in atmosphere when faced with my Nickar Hunter Killer groups.

This is his list

pelagic - 1490pts
PHR - 8 launch assets

SR16 Flag battlegroup (322pts)
1 x Heracles - 285pts - S
   + Director (80pts, 4AV)
1 x Calypso - 37pts - L

SR20 Vanguard battlegroup (360pts)
1 x Bellerophon - 180pts - H
1 x Bellerophon - 180pts - H

SR12 Line battlegroup (315pts)
1 x Orion - 107pts - M
2 x Medea - 78pts - L
1 x Orpheus - 130pts - M

SR7 Line battlegroup (213pts)
1 x Ganymede - 135pts - M
2 x Medea - 78pts - L

SR4 Pathfinder battlegroup (200pts)
4 x Pandora - 200pts - L

I'm no expert on PHR ships or their roles so I'll not speculate too much. It looked like I had a minor advantage in launch capacity, and a big one in atmospheric combat, but nothing that could remotely be expected to slug it out toe to toe with that Battleship.

As you can see, he was using the "drinking straw" method of Battlegroup identification, which I'm happy to go on record as saying is utter genius.

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