Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Fantasy Side Project Part 1

Yup yet another one!

There is a plan to put a Fantasy campaign together at Asgard WarGames, linkity link where I seem to be doing a fair % of my gaming nowadays. The players there are thinking of converting their spare Oldhammer figures to use the Sword & Spear Fantasy rules from Great Escape Games. I gather Age of Sigmar is too "skirmishy" for them, and it certainly isnt a project I ever have any chance of getting an interest in. Rather importantly, these rules use group bases rather than individual bases, and the guys at Asgard have fortuitously decided to use the same base sizes as Impetus. When I heard that, my ears pricked up – surely I could use some of my Impetus armies plus a few suitable Fantasy types to flesh them out – that seems very much like “a Cunning Plan”! This looked like another cheap project. In fact I thought, ok maybe £50? That seems reasonable. Yeah.

30.05.17 Rules ordered. £15…not sure if that’s part of the project budget, more the research – we’ll see.

So which army? Clearly I need a theme. Then I thought about the stuff I already had, and for some reason I thought of Jason & the Argonauts, or rather Colchis – the owners of the Golden Fleece. 

This looks like a good idea, its pretty iconic in the sense everyone has heard of them, or at least just about everyone of a certain age has seen the film. It has some great fantasy elements and at the same time I already have both Thracians and Scythian troops from Impetus, and they both fit the “generic foreign” and originate generally in the right area of the Mediterranean \ East to double up as Colchis and their allies, particularly when viewed through the now misted lens of childhood and Hollywood.

So first I need a Golden Fleece! I thought about making one, but there are already a couple on the market. I’ve already got the main troop types so my £50 should be safe for some special bits. Steve Barber makes one in his Greek Myth Range here so why not.....

30.06.17 Golden Fleece ordered from Steve Barber Models. Cost £7.50 plus £4.00 p&p. Does p&p count towards the budget? Not sure, but I suppose so. Total spend so far £26.00. Just over half way there…..or only £7.50 if I ignore the rules (research – clearly a different budget) and p&p (Logistics?)

More in part 2 

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