Friday, 10 September 2021

Stupidity and persistence have a power all of their own. Update on Brewster Buffalo in Blood Red Skies

As regular readers may know, I am preternaturally indisposed towards the Brewster Buffalo, and said it, quite a bit. Also here

It is therefore with some reluctance I have to admit defeat. In the two and a half years since that Blog post the "Community" have done their best to harry producers to the extent that ALL the Buffalo versions are now available in one form or another. Put that into context, only three or four Bf109 marks are readily available, with a production run of a dozen or so short of 34,000, but the Buffalo, which topped off around 500?? 

US F2A2\3

RocWorks , PlanePrinterArmaments in Miniature

British Buffalo Mk I

RocWorks , Armaments in Miniature

Dutch B339c\d 


Finnish B239

RocWorks , Armaments in Miniature

Actually I love this. It shows that third party producers can see a demand and are prepared to fill it, even when large sales are not guaranteed. It means that when "The Community" ask for models, these guys are prepared to delve into the less glamourous, less successful and frankly obscure corners of aviation history and produce models for us. It means we can, if we want, fight more obscure but interesting theatres of war, such as China, or the early Blitzkrieg, or, well, just about anything. To be honest I never heard of a Curtis Wright CW-21 Demon before a couple of months ago - but now I think I fancy doing a Squadron. And I can get one. Or a Fokker DXXI in Dutch or Finnish versions, or a ............ you get the drift. 

Well done guys, thanks, and take a bow.

Of course I want a Fokker T.V. from someone either UK based or a .stl so I can print one, because, well ok they only made a dozen, and they lasted about 24 hours in combat, and were unsuccessful by any measure, but.........

Oh and rumour has it Warlord are planning at least one set of Buffalos. There, that is my cup running over :-)




  1. Huh - I had never heard of the CW-21 Demon before either, so I just did a Google and found some interesting reading!

  2. Dear Santa,

    I've been ever so good this year. Can I have a 15mm FIAT-SPA TM40 artillery tractor (Medium Tractor Mod. 1940) and a Heavy Artillery Tractor Pavesi P4/100 with "Pirelli Sigillo" desert tires please? I know that they are not 'planes, but IO live in hope. P.s. I like Buffaloes too.

    P.p.s. Good work on the Buffalo Hunt, Ken - I think that 15mm medium and heavy Italian Artillery tractors are still very much mythical beasts, though.

    Regards, Chris.