Monday, 28 July 2014

Building your Apocalypse (2) Eleven Tree Designs

ETD kindly provided 2 models for the review. These were a 5 storey 3x3 and a 3 storey 3x5. From the start it is clear they had a totally different approach than S4. ETD models are dual layered (again 2mm mdf) with some etched details on the lower layer and cut and etching on the top layer. The etching is not as fine as on the S4 model, but there is still a reasonable amount. When put together this gives a very nice impression of depth. 

Unlike the S4 (and Blotz) models the ETD ones were already cut from the sheet so there was zero prep time. The downside was that the more fragile components are vulnerable to damage in the post, and one of the components has a short piece snapped due to mishandling by the mail.

Maybe the sticker needs to be bigger? 

Luckily it was very easy and quick to fix and the damage can’t be seen on the finished model.

The buildings came with an instruction sheet, a nice touch, even if there is not a lot to go wrong (famous last words). I concentrated on the 3x3 to start with.

Assembly was fast and easy. Basically these consist of an inner box structure and an external layer of detail.

I also realised when building the first model that if I sprayed the lower layer black before assembly this would would make picking the windows out unnecessary. What I failed to realise with the first model was that if I did this to both layers it would make painting and finishing really quick and easy (Doh!).

One point about this layered box method which is worth noting is that all the tell tale "jigsaw" joints are hidden under the facade - a nice touch.

I did this prepainting with the second model and was rather pleased with the result and the speed. It will need a bit more work but already with just the basic 2 colours looks ok - pics at the end

The ETD buildings went together fast and easily. As an added bonus they are designed with a lift off roof which could be used to put troops inside or store markers.  

I did notice one of the models has a slight error in the cutting on one window, but this would be almost invisible on the table. I spoke to them about this and they have corrected the file so it shouldn't happen again. Here is the finished article.

And here is the other building in the set, which I had the foresight to spray the outside layer grey before assembly :-)

Lastly, a comparison with the Hawk 3x3 in card

ETDs range is quite narrow, with 2 sets each of 2 buildings, with footprints equivalent to 3x3, 3x4 & 3x5 plus two further sets of the same buildings in a ruined state – a nice addition. The sets retail at £15.99 each, ie a very reasonable £8 per building.

I liked the ETD buildings too. They're solid, easy to build, and look good. If you pre paint the two layers they will paint up quickly and nicely, which is a bonus, and finally, they're reasonably priced. All on all not bad.  If you are happy with the limited selection you could get a standard 16 building set up for £130 or there about. I’ve spoken to Lee at ETD and they are planning a couple more building sets “soon” so may be worth watching out for.

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