Thursday, 10 July 2014

Absence makes the heart grow stronger

No pics or anything this time, just a quick update.

I've been busy on a couple of non gaming \ real world issues, and some gaming stuff that have prevented me from spending time updating the Blog - apologies.

On the gaming front firstly we did fight the penultimate mission in the CoC Normandy Campaign, and a write up will follow "shortly". I'm so chuffed at the way this has worked we are already planning moving East to play another - probably based on the defence of Klessin near Kustrin in 1945.

One of the other reasons for lack of posts was the rediscovery of Fallout 3. I saw this in the Steam Summer Sale, and thought for a measly three quid or so it was worth it rather than always having to keep the discs and stuff. I forgot just how addictive it is, and to make matters worse I keep running into new situations I had missed the first time around.

Lastly I have been painting up some 15mm Mujahideen for Terry - the nice bloke who bought some British infantry off me through ebay, and he wanted some opposition. I'll get some pics and thoughts posted up on them soon.

and then there is X Wing...........

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