Sunday, 15 June 2014

Chain of Command Supports (2) Ready to Roll \ Rapid Fire

Not the Dinky Diecast Daimler Dingo's (DDDD or 4D?) I should add.

These are a pair of Bren Carriers and a Humber MkIV from Rapid Fire \ Ready to Roll range, pic also shows the "de-crewed" Valiant 6Pdr. They were bought because they are supposed to be closest to Valiant Miniatures in size \ scale. The static grass is still loose btw and needs work, and there is a fair amount of decalling and detailing to be done if I can be arsed. I think the Carriers are OK but the Humber is still too small for my liking. I'll still use them though.

I would add the Ready to Roll stuff is OK. Less work required than to build a plastic kit, but at the expense of detail and the fact they have a solid resin base. I think they are a stepping stone between the old metal wargaming products (Hinchcliffe \ Skytrex etc) and the new plastic stuff (PSC). They come ready with stowage so all you need do is paint them.

The whole scale \ size thing drives me to distraction. While I appreciate that the height of a man may vary from person to person, the length of a Lee Enfield, or a Bren Carrier on the whole does not. You would therefore assume that getting a suitable scale model would not be too much of a challenge. The problem is we have become used to accepting "20mm" and "25mm" as a scale, which they are not. Valiant are the worse culprits, being too big for "20mm", too small for "25mm" and certainly not 1:72 scale, which is what they say on the box. I should follow that up with some more on Valiant as I have a love\hate relationship with them that is probably worth a few lines and even if not helpful or enlightening to the reader it will probably be cathartic for me :-)


  1. I had a painted platoon of Valiant Germans and another one of British. After spending ages trying to find supprts and vehicles to use with them the hate overcame the love and I sold them both for buttons.

  2. Scale creep or shrink
    It's enough to drive a man to drink ;)

    Viewed from six foot away nobody can see the difference
    But you know as well as I do, that through the lens of the Wargames Illustrated style camera it don't look right and causes sleepless nights


    Nice, nice kit

  3. What paints do you use for the British Armour Green?

  4. I used the new PSC British tank green spray on these - but it is pretty much an exact match for the Vallejo "Russian Uniform" (I think its that - or Russian Green?). I'm too old to worry too much about paint colours - in "real life" they vary enormously anyway. I think we get too hung up on paint colours and styles, a bit like in the late 70s \ early 80s when there was a "Historex" style of painting, I think we have a "FoW" style that predominates. It looks nice but "cloned". I think in truth most tanks in the field end up covered in mud and dust