Friday, 6 June 2014

Liebster Awards - and my nominations are..............

If you read my blog you may get the impression I'm a bit of a sceptic :-)

In that light the Liebster Awards can be reasonably described as a "self congratulatory chain letter" as my mate Paddy said. After all it's just bloggers plugging their blogs, and let's be honest the whole act of Blogging is a bit suspect anyway - sort of standing on a box on a street corner shouting "listen to me", "this is what I done \ think" etc. It's all a bit Narcissistic really so maybe the best thing is not to take part............

But hey, I'm a blogger, and all the above probably doesn't bother bloggers too much because in the end they think they have something worth sharing, otherwise they wouldn't do it in the first place! The interwebs are a wonderful place and there is space enough for everyone.

So here are my Liebster Award nominations, in no particular order

Dropzone Commander - Orbital Commander's Blog -
Deserves many plaudits for being beautifully produced (makes me hang my head in shame) and has some great content.

Next up, its a bit reciprocal, but I have to mention Geordie's Big Battles -
Geordie is a bloody prolific churner out of "stuff" - frankly I don't know where he gets the time or energy, and unlike me, his "stuff" looks rather nice. He deserves a mention for his enthusiasm and dedication, not to mention his painting skills. He's also rather a nice chap "in the flesh".

Chris Kemp's "Not Quite Mechanised" blog is next.
Chris has a rather unique view on wargaming and his dedication to NQM is most worthy of recognition, as indeed is any blog with a section entitled "Men in Hats". He is also one of the nicest persons I ever played a game against, and his AK47 armies and terrain are legendary.

Derek's Wee Toys What can I say about Del? Well firstly he's another ex AK47 stalwart, and I have to say he hammered me at Brixworth a lifetime ago, but I don't hold grudges - no sir. Derek has been doing blogging and net stuff since God's dog was a pup, and the quality of his pages are second to none. He's also something of a celeb in that he managed to get kicked off TMP for talking sense! Well worth a visit.

Lastly - and I know I will get in trouble for this as I'm sure it has more followers than the Liebsters allow, but I couldnt find a counter so that's my defence M'Lud  - Lard Island News
The Lardies have been steadily ploughing their own furrow for years and are now starting to get recognition for their innovative and interesting take on wargaming and particularly modelling the "friction" of war. Great blog with some beautiful terrain.

So there you have it - my 5 blog nominations. Hope you like them


  1. Thanks for the nomination, it's appreciated. But I'm even more of a sceptic than you are so I'm not going to take part :-)

  2. Wouldnt expect anything less Del - keep up the good work :-)

  3. I just see it as a way of percolating knowledge of other peoples blogs, but I am guilty of following over 1000+ blogs ;)