Friday, 13 June 2014

Inspired by St Richard of Larde.......More supports for Chain of Command

Inspired by Mr Clarkes series of articles on Lard Island News I've "invested" in a pair of second hand Corgi Juniors Daimler Scout Cars from ebay - cost me 99p plus £2.80 p&p. The plan will be to paint one up for North West Europe and hang on to the second for the future when we start in the Desert.

What really puzzles me is the bloody Bren gunner. I had one of these as a kid and IIRC the Bren gunner basically fell out and got lost if you looked at it funny. The ones I have here the gunner is firmly attached even after what must be decades of use!

I suppose I should also mention the other thing I picked up - again for 99p. This King Tiger is in 1:60 scale so should match in (sort of) with my Valiant Germans. It was released as part of a part works by Del Prado but it didn't last long. They did a Stuart, Churchill and T34-85 too, but these tend to go for more excessive prices. It will need a bit of work but you cant be robbed for 99p (plus £2.50 p&p)

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  1. Look forward to seeing them in the flesh or should I say metal.
    They look large to my untrained eye but that's because I cannot judge the scale, any chance of putting a "Valiant Tommy" or "Landser" next to one?