Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Chain of Command - Supports start to arrive

I can't keep up with Geordie in his phrenetic painting schedule Geordies Big Battles , but his recent foray into providing his Soviets with some anti tank support has spurred me on to do the same for my British.

I dutifully dug out and painted my Valiant Miniatures 6Pdr & crew and gave it \ them some paint.

I'm of the opinion you need to base the guns and I've had a bit of an attack of indecisiveness. In CoC the 6Pdr has a five man crew plus and NCO. Basing them and the gun seperatly was causing me mental wobbles. The gun needs to be based because if it is not and the crew are then the crew will be several mm taller than they should be, but having the gun based would mean you could not get the crew in and around the gun.

Real ATG crew (not 88s who do their business from a long way away) tend to spend their time in action rather distant from the gun, with only the gunner himself in position, and everyone else hiding then jumping up \ running in to reload or whatever. This looks a bit strange on a wargames table, where we have become used to seeing everyone crowded around the gun. "Real" pictures of 6Pdr anti tank guns in action are hard to come by - mainly as at the time everyone would be rather busy, however here are a few culled from the net that I hope illustrate the point. Interestingly all but the second show show three crew at the gun, in very similar positions, so I think this is the way forward next time.

After much mental anguish I based four of the crew with the gun and left a couple of spares. I think with hindsight this is actually the worst of the options and I may rethink it. Fortunately the Valiant 6Pdr is a pretty cheap set so this isnt going to be a big loss.

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  1. I think you have the best of both worlds there so I wouldn't be too hasty to change anything

    Nice combat photographs