Friday, 3 April 2015

Chinese update

Bit of an update on those Chinese Nationalists I mentioned in earlier posts. I've painted up the armoured element of the Early War army, a Sdkfz 222, some T26s and a BA10. There is also a troop of Shermans but these are for a later period of the war so will get done another time.

First up the T26s. Initially I tried a three colour scheme that had been used on some Chinese Vickers 6 tonners, but I gave up because a) it looked too much like the Japanese who would be the opposition, and b) I couldnt find any record of it being used on the T26s. In the end I went with a simple Russian green which they would have been delivered in in 1938, with plenty of mud, as T-26s seemed particularly prone to spreading the stuff around. There is no record of them being repainted and it looks like the Chinese just used them pretty much as delivered.

The BA10 is another Russian import, again in a simple green scheme

Lastly the Sdkfz 222. There are some photos that show these retained their German Grey , so again a non fussy result.

Everything will need another coat of matt but they are looking ok for now

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  1. I gotta like the crazy mix. The T26's in particular :)