Wednesday, 1 April 2015

I was weak - Dreadball

I quite enjoyed playing Bloodbowl - or rather I enjoyed it once it got "ported" to pc and the computer did all the hard work working out the oh so numerous dice rolls.

I was in our new Tea Shop Tea at Hart , which is a rather interesting shop that sells Tea & Cakes but also panders to the gaming community by selling boardgames and the like. Splendid cake btw, when I noticed they were starting to stock Mantic Games "DreadBall", and were offering teams for a Tenner if you joined their soon to launch Dreadball League.

I'm not sure about Mantic. They have a reputation for cloning anything GW did (but at a reasonable price). I bought a couple of figures from them in the past and they were ok, but the little I had seen about Dreadball in the past made me dismissed it as a Bloodbowl clone.

Anyway, my weakness struck and all that stuff about concentrating on a couple of projects somehow got forgotten and I left the shop with a "Kalmarin Ancients" team. Opening them was a mixed experience. Half the team were made of resin\plastic (restic???), half metal. The restic stuff cleaned up and assembled quickly and easily, but the metal looked a bit badly cast, lots of mould lines etc and I couldn't be arsed. Fortunately there is more than enough in restic to make up a basic eight player team, so I quickly painted them up, which took an evening.

As you can see, there is no shortage of tentacles and claws. We tried the rules Monday night and I was pleasantly surprised - much slicker and more streamlined than Bloodbowl. Worse case scenario is they get played once or twice, but for a tenner I think I will get my moneys worth


  1. I will point out they were bought, painted and played with in short order so are already streets ahead of most of my figure collection!