Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Turning Japanese Part 1

On occasion I paint on a commission basis. I’m making no claims as to any particular skills, but I’m flattered that some people like my work enough to pay me to paint. It also raises much needed ££ that can be converted to more toys!

I’m currently working on a WW2 Japanese tank unit in 15mm for a client. The models are Battlefront Flames of War.

Anyway here’s a start on the long trail that will hopefully result in a nice unit and a happy client. I say long because I paint between by real world job, wife and World of Tanks commitments, so this could be a while.

Stage 1 – unboxing – or WTF have I let myself in for here!

I received the models through the post from Tim (the nice gent in the US who wants them painting). My first thoughts on opening the boxes are “Sh*t – that’s a lot of fiddly bits”. I’m looking at the rear trench-crossing tail on the Type 89s and feeling my heart sink. I was also a bit put off by the quality of the metal components which look tarnished and had a lot of flash between the wheels etc.  This is the metal contents of one box which will eventually become 5 Type 89s

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