Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Zvezda Matilda I quick build

I'm loving the Zvezda Art of Tactic range. These models are selling at under £3 and are great to build. Here is a particularly nice kit, and very useful for Blitzkrieg British - the Infantry Tank Mk I, A11 Matilda I

As with all the Art  of Tactic kits, the box is pretty standard with the instructions on the back

The actual kit is a single sprue, with only six parts

The bits clean up pretty well with only the track units needing care
And the whole thing went together easily and quickly. In theory these are snap together but I use a small amount of Liquid Poly "just in case"
The finished article! The camera angle makes the mould line on the hull look more pronounced than it actually is. For the next one I think I will leave the track units off until after I paint it.

All in all a very nice little kit. From a wargaming perspective the only issue is the turret hatch is modelled closed (as on all Art of Tactic kits) so you would have a problem trying to fit a commander. To balance that, these cost about half the cost of the equivalent metal \ resin versions and are at least as detailed.


  1. Err - to be honest "not sure" - probably 6? Will check