Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Turning Japanese Part 2

Closer examination showed that the components on the trench crossing tails are all pretty much miss-moulded to one degree or another, nothing too serious but something that will need cleaning up a bit.   Not sure if this is just me, or something to do with models bought in the US, but the metal does seem pretty poor quality??? Here is one of the tail skids
 I also noticed one of the Type 95s has lost its exhaust, snapped off but still in the packaging, but this should be easy to fix, and a couple of the mudguards on the Type 89s had snapped – again easy to fix.

So all the resin has now had a quick bath to remove any residue from the moulding process, next step, assembly.


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    1. Err yes - one of those "oh dear" moments, but they went together ok in the end