Sunday, 17 August 2014

Darkening Skies - Air Support is starting to make its presence felt in DZC

I was at a small Dropzone Commander competition yesterday at Waugh Games in Middlesbrough. It was a friendly and relaxed event at a nice venue, but something was different this time. The air over the battlefields was starting to get busy.

Don't get me wrong, the airspace over most DZC games is usually quite busy with medium dropships ferrying their tanks and APCs to hotspots, and light dropships darting around with assault squads seizing objectives.

What made this day a bit different was that above that, and for the first time in an event that I have been at, there was an additional layer of fighter and ground attacking Fast Movers (FMs). More than half the armies present brought FMs, and in some numbers, with Pairs of Athena's and in one case four Archangel Interceptors zipping around. Critically, everyone has started to take note. The results of battles are now being effected by FMs. I watched as a PHR army found itself incapable of extracting objectives because Triton light dropships which in the past had been carefully husbanded and kept in safety until they were needed were systematically hunted down and eliminated by interceptors. It lost, even though it had a fairly reasonable AA contingent and was holding its own on the ground because the Tritons had to leave the protection of the AA bubbles to do their job, and the Archangels then pounced. On another table an Athena delivered a game winning blow when it used one of  its cruise missiles to complete the collapse of a critical building full of enemy troops.

The only real protection against FMs is another FM, and I think that will be reflected next time we get together, which cannot be a bad thing. Combined with the arrival of Forward Air Controllers in the new Resistance book, I suspect the air above our DZC tables is going to get even more crowded in future.

So where is the pics of all this air delivered carnage? Sorry, I was a bit busy doing other stuff, but I did see what I thought was a true clash of Titans when THREE PHR Hades were shooting it out at close range

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