Friday, 15 August 2014

The Resistance Begins.........

The general level of expectation in the Dropzone Commander community has been rising recently as the release date for the new Resistance faction gets closer. Due for phased release from 30th August, this represents 2 new factions for the DZC universe - Allied & Feral Resistance.

I was lucky enough to get hold of a starter army early through being part of their Talon demo team. The models are exactly what DZC players have come to expect - highly detailed and very nice. Photos of the new models have been released via Hawk Wargames for the last month or so. What these have not shown is just how big some of the new models are in comparison to the other races.

So without further ado, here are some comparison shots of the Resistance compared to the current UCM equivalent units. I should add the models are straight from the box with no cleanup and no glue - any parts are just push fitted.

Firstly, the Resistance Jackson APC a UCM Bear

Initially I didn't like the Jackson, but now I have them "in hand" they're growing on me. They're smaller than the massive Bear, but have a smaller load capacity

Next, The Hannibal MBT, shown here alongside a Sabre.

One of the things that up to now has not really penetrated into my thoughts, even though it is mentioned several times in the background, is just how Spartan and mission specific the UCM vehicles are. They are designed to be compact, efficient and air portable. The Hannibal clearly isnt! In many ways it is a Heavy Tank, so here it is with the UCM Gladius

The final direct comparison is a Lifthawk Dropship and the UCM Condor

As with the Sabre, the Condor is lean, sparse and efficient, the Lifthawk is big and brash, and incidentally costs twice as many points as a Condor in game.

That leaves us with the Resistance use of civilian or re-tasked vehicles.

This is the Kraken hovercraft. It is a sort of updated Lebed or LCAC, and is used to carry the civilian vehicles such as Wagons and Technicals. I'm using the Condor as a comparison again, because there is nothing in the UCM stables that comes even close to the Kraken for function. I left the ramp off the Kraken for the pic.

Lastly, one of the Gun Wagons - basically a civilian truck with a remote control flak gun on the back, here compared to the Rapier AA tank.

So guess what is going to be my painting project for the next couple of weeks :-)

and God help us when this arrives - its 140mm long, slightly wider, and carries up to 24 Technicals or 12 Wagons!


  1. RRP is £55 but if you preorder with Waugh Games before the end of August he will give 25% discount. The big news is the announcement of plastic starter armies for the other factions (NOT the Resistance) which are being released mod Sept at £35 RRP so you could easily expect to pick them up at around £30