Friday, 12 September 2014

Chain of Command - Last Day in Maltot (1)

Once more?
Pringle was stunned. His platoon was in no state to continue, but the CO demanded he try and take the Church at Maltot again. This time at least he would have some supporting fire from the Battalion 3” mortars.

Nothing for it he thought, just have to get it done. He decided to use the “book”, establish a base of fire to pin the enemy, then a flank assault – after all, it had worked before...........

Force Strength & Support
Both players were noticing losses. Mark was concerned with his casualties, but at least he had 5 support points – enough for a Churchill! On reflection this seemed too obvious and so he chose a 3” mortar battery off table with an adjutant to help him deploy.

Platzer and his understrength "Platoon"
On the German side Paul was scraping through the bottom of the barrel, he had only 14 men available. Given the low strength he went for a simple squad organisation with three understrength squads each having an MG42.His support choice was a Panzershrek team – just in case the Brits brought a tank. 

The Patrol Phase went quickly - Mark decided to try to speed up his advance  by only using 3 Patrol Markers, however Paul managed to deny him direct access to the closer houses.
End of the Patrol Phase from the British POV

Mark using the "magic sticks" to decide on where his Jump Off points should go
German view of the Patrol Phase
So everything is set for the start of the attack.


  1. What happened next? The world and 16 Platoon waits with bated breath ;)

    1. The umpires wife declared she wanted to go away for a long weekend with her husband so pretty much everything else went on hold :-)