Friday, 19 September 2014

More Buildings for your Apocalypse - Outland Models

As you probably know, Blotz is currently shading my favourite N scale \ 1 1:44 \ 10mm building supplier. Their buildings are reasonably priced and detailed and their range is expanding rapidly. However they may have a contender from an unexpected source.

I was browsing ebay in a spare moment when I spotted some N scale building kits being sold Outland Models. Out of interest I picked one up. It arrived this morning and I was mightily impressed.

Basically this is an ABS plastic kit that arrives flat packed

Assembly was very quick and easy - there was 1 minor glitch with a tab which tbh I'm not even sure was a glitch and may just be my hamfists. The model clicked together with no trimming or sanding or even glue in about 5 minutes - and it is solid, stable, and light, although I will go back and glue it together later. It is also pre coloured and unlike the S4 "prepainted" buildings needs no further work.

Pretty damned impressive - particularly for £9.99 including P&P!! The range is not too bad either  big thumbs up to Outland Models!


  1. There are a great find, I like pastic a lot more than wood. Thank you!

  2. Looks good! Totally new to me. How tall is the building you got?

    1. 17cm tall. the base is L shaped 10 x 10cm