Saturday, 20 September 2014

London Transport Bright Red Painted 97 Horsepower Personnel Carrier

When Hawk showed their Battlebus set for the Resistance Faction I was a little bit disappointed because it was a bit too, well American. True the School Bus and Greyhound look great, but I wanted something a bit more at home

I came across an N Scale British Red Double Decker on ebay. After a bit of work and some bits from the spares box - a gattling gun from a spare Wolverine fitted to the gunshield from a 15mm Sdkfz 251, plus a couple of .50cal gunners from Pendrakens new 10 mm Falklands War range, and heres the final result

They're supposed to come in pairs , so I bought this to be the second half, but with hindsight I suspect it may be too small to carry 20 armed men :-)