Sunday, 14 June 2015

Protecting Civilisation - Dux Brit Campaign at Asgard Games

I think I mentioned we were looking at playing Dux Britanniarum from TFL?

My gaming schedule is a bit disorganised but when I dropped by Asgard Games in Middlesbrough during the week Steven (the owner) mentioned they were just starting a campaign. I politely enquired if there were any spare slots (ok it was more like begged) and he was happy to oblige, with the first game being set for today (Sunday).

I turned up to discover I was now responsible for protecting Auld Clut against the ravages of Saxons and Picts. It's not a bad place - two provinces on the very edge of Roman Britain (the wrong side of Hadrian's Wall!) and the food is deep fried, but there are worse I suppose :-) 

Steven then very kindly decided to raid my province with his Saxons - Game On!

The Saxons were aiming for a village to plunder, the Romano Brits hoping to head them off before they could steal the family silver. 

The Saxons were having a bit of a bad day - they started with fairly low starting morale roll, which was made worse by an ill advised speech by Steven that went down like a lead balloon. Brit Morale on the other hand was pretty good, so I decided to get stuck in and start the on table part of the game without further ado. 

Steven had the main part of his force running for the target village but detached two groups of warriors to try and delay the Brits who were starting on the flank - rushing to defend the locals.  The Saxons needed to search the houses and find at least 2 units of plunder, and the Brits were keen to stop them - glory is fleeting but a chicken is a chicken!

Sadly the Saxon delaying force got a bit enthusiastic - charging one of these groups out of a copse and into a group of Brits. Unfortunatly a second group of Brits was very near at hand and these joined in the melee. Outnumbered 2-1 the Saxons fought gallantly but broke due to accumulated casualties and shock- not good for already shaky Saxon morale, but at least they had killed 4 Brits for the loss of only three of their own and a wounded leader.

Aftermath of first clash - Brits reorganise as the main Saxon force reaches the Village - meanwhile remnants of the first Saxon group go to check the boats are still secure :-)
At this point the Saxons had another unpleasant shock. A well thrown javelin from some British missile troops plunged towards their Lord as he lead his men forwards. His loyal Champion and banner bearer saw the missile at the last second and threw himself in the way, giving his life for his Lord, but his loss crumbled Saxon morale again.

The Saxons reached the Village and started to look for anything of worth, but even the chickens were hiding.
Knock knock......

Meanwhile the second Saxon delaying group was caught by the British Elite group who threw some pretty amazing dice, killing 5 in one round of melee, and capturing the wounded Saxon Noble.

That was enough to break Saxon morale and they broke and legged it back to the boats leaving the Romano British Lord in possession of the field, the Glory, and indeed the chicken!

Lord of all he surveys Centurion Titus Aduxas and his gallant Warriors!

The post raid results were good for the Romano Brits, losses have been replaced quickly and the Lord has impressed the locals so much four youths have joined his band to act as skirmishers - indeed the Commander has gained a soubriquet "the Good", which while lacklustre is a bit better than "The Bald" which was the original result before modification :-). Meanwhile Steven and his Saxons will have to spend two months recovering their losses before they can raid again.

Great game and a great little shop with some nice members - well worth a visit. While I was upstairs in the gaming room here the shop was busy with a couple of 40K games. I took a couple of general pics to show the layout and general hustle & bustle - not bad for a Sunday. Steven has three tables upstairs in his gaming room and another two downstairs, with tea & coffee facilities. He stocks a wide variety of games and figures and if you want something he doesn't have in stock he can usually get it for you in a couple of days. The shop is located very close to the Middlesbrough bus station so it is quite easy to get to. Recommended - in fact I will be back there on July 5th for a Dropzone Commander event. 


  1. Cool AAR and I need to pop down and there too ... !

  2. It is a nice little shop and well worth a visit