Thursday, 18 June 2015

Quick & Dirty - Dark Age Infantry

I was in something of a rush to get my forces ready for playing Dux Brit.  I bought a box of plastic Dark Age Warriors from Gripping Beast and decided to go all out for the quickest turnaround I could to get those peasant levy units ready - no corner was to be left uncut!

Firstly I assembled the 18 figures I needed, then stuck them to 1p pieces. Then I covered the bases with pva and a sand & talus mix. All done in our back yard with assistance from our new Tomcat Greebo

Once the pva dried I had the cunning plan of cutting another corner by undercoating in suitably drab colours. A quick search of my cupboard produced a tin of beige and a "British Tank" green, - I was dissapointed to discover I had used up all the German Dunkelgelb on a previous project. Anyway here are the results.

Part 2 will be the end result

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