Sunday, 28 June 2015

Slippery Slope or From Wales to Ireland via Roman Britain in several confusing steps

Just back from Asgard Games in Middlesbrough where we had another game in the Dux Brit campaign.

But first a quick explanation as to why I need to buy some more figures. I’m writing this down just so I can get my head around it J

I decided to try Dux because it offered a couple of interesting and quick gains. Firstly the idea of a campaign based game where each on table fight had something to connect it to the rest. Secondly, it was by TFL and they seemed to be on good form producing types of games I like, and thirdly, and most attractively, this was going to be both cheap and easy game to get into because I could use the figures I already had painted and based up as Welsh for Saga as my Romano-Britons, so the only expense was the rules – can’t go wrong!

Want to bet?

When I had the rules it became clear that while this was all ok in principle, in practice I would have a problem as most of my Welsh were lightly equipped and trying to pass them off as a Shieldwall when most of them had bucklers or no shields at all was a stretch too far. So I bit the bullet and bought some suitable Romano British infantry – just a dozen to stand as shieldwall, then I got some plastic Gripping Beast Dark Age infantry to provide the bulk of the Levy, and then another couple – ok , eight, figures from Footsore to be the Elites. At this point the only part of my Dux force that was actually from the Saga Welsh was 4 skirmishers with javelins (which should really have slings) and the three Nobles.  

I had plenty of spare plastic figures from Gripping Beast so I decided to convert four to slingers. May as well as they would only join the “lead & plastic pile” In the end I used some old Wargames Factory Persian arms and slings rather than the GB ones as they looked “meatier”. I gave them the same rush paint I did for the Levy and they all went through with me to Asgard today for our next campaign turn, so only the "Welsh" Lord and his Nobles would be used of the original Saga force.

The well laid plans………..

So when we gathered it became obvious that due to other commitments we had managed to get only one raider player to attend – yup, three Romano Brits were there, but only Steven was available to represent the Saxons etc, and his warband was still recovering from his last attempt to cross the border.  We all say around looking a bit dazed as this was something no one had really predicted, and it was agreed we maybe should look at getting the British players access to a Saxon army just in case that happens again,  then I heard myself say “I think I can do an Irish list if someone can lend me some cavalry – I don’t have any Irish as such but I do have these Welsh guys I got for Saga……….”

A short while later I found myself commanding an Irish raiding force looking to capture a Roman Noble from a border tower. 

Mark was the defender, and here is his noble returning from patrol in the badlands with his command of two units of warriors.

Here is the rest of his force, happily ensconced in his border tower.

And here are some suspicious looking raider cavalry who have just appeared !

The game went quickly. Mark sallied forth with his main force in an attempt to link up with the returning patrol but they were intercepted first by the light cavalry, which they drove off

and then by a much more aggressive force of Irish (with Welsh accents) and their Lord, intent on gaining Honour and Glory. The Irish also kept up a steady rain of harassing javelin fire interspersed with a sling-stone or two.

The Irish charged, and in a quick and brutal melee overwhelmed the returning patrol, but their leader failed to get himself that all important war wound to show off back home. Their captive safe in their hands they then asked if the British wanted to contest their withdrawal. Mark decided it was not worth the risk, so the raiders made good their escape.

Great little game, and good to see campaign causing both players to play the long game.

Rob & Steven them played their raid – again against a border tower, and this time Steven got away with a noble hostage who he has already ransomed back to Rob.

So with a bit of flexibility we got a couple of good games in and fun was had by all. Only problem now is I need some Welsh ..err sorry Irish Cavalry to complete that Irish list now, you know , the one that was going to be a good stand in for the Romano British that meant I would not have to buy and paint lots of figures to play the game – you do remember don’t you?

Thanks to Steven, Mark Rob and the rest of the Guys at Asgard for a great day gaming. Next week there is no campaign turn as some Numpty has organised a Dropzone Commander demo, but the week after we hope to be back to the borders, protecting Christianity and the Empire!

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  1. 28mm glorious single base figures what is there not to like!