Sunday, 19 June 2016

15mm WW2 German Heavy Metal - err plastic. Zvezda's Ferdinand

I like Zvezda's "Art of Tactic" range. They offer nice models at a very reasonable price. I was therefore quite interested when the latest batch included a Ferdinand Tank Destroyer.

This follows the earlier pattern with one (or in this case 2) sprues.

In theory this is a snap together kit but I always glue mine. As usual the instructions consist of a diagram on the back of the box, but unusually this one didn't come with the Art of Tactic data card - not sure if this is a packing error but I dont use them anyway so no loss.

Putting it together was child's play - really nice kit with only 10 parts. Detail is very good too.

And the finished result

Not out a ruler to it yet but it certainly looks the part. As with all Zvezda AoT kits there is no capability to have the commanders hatch open, and there are no decals provided, but given the price was £4.00 including p&p that's no loss. I would suggest taking the extra time to drill the end of the muzzle brake out as it looks much better.  For the TrackHeads out there this is the early Ferdinand with no hull MG.

Great model at a very reasonable price

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