Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Chechens (2)

Last post I bitched and moaned about my inadequacies when it came to the Empress Miniatures Chechens. One other issue which has nothing to do with me is there is no 28mm SA7 gunner available that fits the force - at least as far as I can find one. There are actually very few SA7 gunners out there as far as I can see - usually Mujahadeen in Dish Dash which really don't fit for my Chechens who are mainly in cold weather clothing.

I wanted a SA7 as a Faction option, so decided in a fit of rage to scratch build or convert one. The starting point is this Empress Miniatures RPG Gunner.

As you can see he has his RPG about ready and pointing below the horizon. What the pic doesn't show is the RPG is a separate piece with the left hand attached. Undeterred I binned the RPG and bent the left arm carefully up so that he now is pointing above the horizon rather than below. I then built a model SA7 out of plasticard and tubing \ rods. It's not a work of art but it looks about right. His left hand came from an old Wargames Factory Persian Archer, but again it seems to fit well enough.

Finally I hung a spare AK on his back. Seemed like a good idea. Here he is, painted and waiting for any passing helicopter to share the bad news with.

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