Sunday, 5 June 2016

A Little Pawn - Pe 2 for Wings of War \ Wings of Glory

We have a tradition of having a club game once a month each year with different themes. Last year was the boardgame Formula D, this year it is Wings of Glory (WoG) WW2. The games are just an excuse to get lots of people around a table and have a bit of fun. Each month of real time will advance the campaign clock half a year of campaign time, so we have just reached 1942. I'm playing Soviets which does leave some problems as there are so few "official" WoG models around for the Reds, however help is on hand at The Wings of Glory Aerodrome  where there is a huge stack of fan based stats and cards to play unofficial planes.

I ran a couple of games using a Tupolev SB2 bomber - which was pretty historically correct as I got swatted from the sky with ease. Time to upgrade!

The upgrade in question is the Pe2 "Peshka" (Pawn). The PE2 is a vast improvement on the Tu2, being faster, better armed and more manoeuvrable. It was produced in large numbers and was a great light or dive bomber that made quite a name for itself on the Eastern Front.

So here it is. Model by the rather excellent Armaments in Miniature  who do a very nice range of aircraft in 1:200 suitable for Wings of Glory. Decals are from I-94 via Pendraken \ Minibits. I should add AIM often does complimentary sets of decals for their models but I had plenty of I-94 ones so thought I should get them used up. As you can see I went for a winter colour scheme . In fact I have done this on all my Soviets as it makes them stand out on the table and looks a bit different in my opinion. Hope you like it.


  1. So cool,and a fast little bugger as seen from tonight's game!

  2. Yes - surprisingly speedy - something of a revelation leaving the fighters to mill about while the PE2 just ran for it - of course leaving the table four turns early probably means four turns alone on the next part of the mission waiting for the escorts to catch up :-(