Saturday, 9 July 2016

Sharp Practice 2 - new project

Stupid I know on so many different levels. Firstly I still have the AWI to finish, secondly my last attempt at putting Victrix Napoleonics together nearly caused a nervous breakdown, thirdly I hate painting red.

The thing is I have been re-reading Sharpe just for nostalgia, I'm enjoying playing SP2, and Paul has took the plunge and bought French Napoleonics. So it is his fault.

Why Victrix? Well apart from the fact they are totally and frustratingly complex they do have one advantage over the other plastics out there - I can get all 32 Light Infantry I need out of one box for less than twenty quid. The rather nice Perry box set only allows you to make a dozen or so lights, and as the list I am using is based around a light infantry unit that was a non starter. I will still need a dozen Rifles but I'm sure that will not be too disastrously expensive.

So watch this space

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