Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sharpe Practice 2 - Dramatic Personae

My Sharp Practice force is based around the second British list - A Light Column. I thought I would run my Leaders through the character generation section of Sharp Practice. Here's what I got:

Captain The Honourable William Fortesque Snort - Commander of the Light Company, Trumptonshire Foot and a Level 3 leader in Sharpe Practice.
William is from an old military family with wealth and influence. He is an honourable man, competent, good looking if a little short, but quite charming to speak to. Unfortunately under his wing is the youngest son of Lord Belborough of Winkstead Hall, and co-incidentally the Colonel of the Regiment. The Colonel has asked Snort to show his son the war and help make a man of him, but in reality young Roger is only really interested in engineering and mechanics and other such nonsense.

Under his Command are the Light Company, consisting of three groups of Light Infantry each 8 figures strong. He is assisted by Sergeant Grout - a no nonsense NCO (level 1 Leader)

Supporting the Trumptonshires is a section of The Rifles consisting of two groups of six rifle armed skirmishers and their officer and sergeant.

The Rifles are commanded by Lieutenant Richard (Dick) "Chippy" Minton (level 2 Leader). Minton's family are "new money" - in this case his father was a very successful furniture and cabinet maker, and he is rather well off as a result. Richard himself is thought of as a "Bit of a Bounder" by his fellow officers - not really a Gentleman and too forward with the ladies. He is a good looking and affable chap of average height and with an athletic physique which has come in rather handy when he has been forced to leave through the window of a ladies' boudoir on more than one occasion!

He is assisted by Sergeant Paddy Murphy, a very reliably Irish NCO (level 1 leader)

In all the force comes to 66 points, which is not good. They are likely to be the higher rated force in any game against the French and will probably get little in the way of support. On the other hand both the Light Infantry and the Rifles are excellent troops and have good leaders, so they should do well.

Only time will tell

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