Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sharp Practice 2 - New Project "The Trumptonshires"

I had initially decided to build a Kings German Legion force, with rifle support from the 2nd KGL Lights (the only Infantry Regiment in the British Army allowed moustaches - true that), or indeed our local Light Infantry the 68th (Durhams) whose re-enactors are known locally as "The Woodentops". Actually the "Sick Notes" would have been more appropriate as the 68th were deployed to the West Indies. Not for nothing were they called "The Fever Islands" but to make things worse they were then sent to Walcheran before joining Wellington in the Peninsula and for quite a time the Regiment was constantly under strength with the inevitable bouts of malaria.

Then it struck me - rather than try and stick to a real Regiment why not do what Bernard Cornwell did and invent one? So the Trumptonshires were born. More on them later - assuming I decide to stick to them.

Back to the figures. I cracked open the (big) box and with trepidation looked inside. I say trepidation because I had in the past tried Victrixs French infantry and they had been so complicated to put together I decided to sell them on. I was pleasantly surprised. The box contains eight sprues, four of each type. The first sprue contains a dozen bodies and packs, the second an officer and heads and arms - see the pic below. Clearly Victrix have learned from the French and planned the body sprue to be universal for both Flank and Centre Companies and the "arm" sprue with the flank coy wings and other identifying bits, which is a good idea.

I was pleasantly surprised. The figures seem reasonably detailed and unlike the French I remember seem to have only 5 parts - body, head, a matched pair of hands and a pack. That's not bad at all, same as Perrys but less than Warlord who go for head, body and pack. It should also be mentioned that there are a lot in the set - 52 in all for an rrp of £22.95 but I got mine for £18.50. That compares very favourably with Perry (40 figures inc 4 rifles for £20 rrp) and Warlord (36 for £20 rrp). Closer inspection raises a few issues - 4 of those 52 are drummers and therefore 3 are (probably) wasted. Similarly there are 8 Sergeants \ Officers which is probably too many. Added to that there are 4 kneeling figures which will be great as skirmishers but will not really work otherwise. Even so that's more than enough for me. A closer look also suggested that unlike the French set the muskets are cast with both hands and one arm on the weapon and the matched left arm with a socket - that should make them easy to assemble - something of a bonus. One thing that did cause me to ponder was the separate packs - the straps are cast to the figure so there is no way to leave them off  - but then again the same applies to the other plastic sets.  Proof of the pudding is in the eating so they say, so I'll update once I have stuck some together

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