Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Dirty Deeds Part 4 - epilogue

So just a quick final word on that Black Ops game. Lots of fun was had, and all at a very limited cost. The Russian figures were from The Assault Group (TAG) who do a very nice range of modern figures, with the opposition coming from Crooked Dice Games 7 TV range - actually their Evil Mastermind Minions range (because we didn't have anything else spare at the time - this has since been rectified!)

The warehouse was by TT Combat who do a range of very reasonably priced mdf buildings - and indeed a cargo ship that looks like it should be on a Black Ops table! The rest of the terrain was from Hartlepool Wargames Club's, with the containers from Paul's old AT43 collection and the vehicles from local ££ shops.

Black Ops looks like it could be a very nice game when you have a couple of hours free - both Paul & I think it is a winner and the "buy in" price is low, you can get a 50pt Special Forces team in a single blister of figures, so the rules and your initial starter force will leave you with plenty of change from a £20 note, with the rules costing £10.99 direct from Osprey (and plenty of places selling them cheaper) and a 4 man blister of Special Forces types costing about £6.50-£7.50 depending on which manufacturer  you favour.

Well worth a look