Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Dirty Deeds Somewhere in Central Europe............(part 1)

We had our first game of Black Ops last night. Paul (my regular opponent) and I were interested in the rules and had some spare modern(ish) troops, so we decided to just go with what we had and give the rules a try.

Paul had some paramilitary style "goons" from his Evil Mastermind 7TV forces, and I have some Russian Spetznaz types, so that's what we decided to use.

We randomly generated the scenario, a standard assault mission, which meant we were not using the "stealth" rules. Paul was defending with 60pts, I was attacking with a 50% points advantage - 90 points.

Paul chose two teams of Mercenaries, from the rather dodgy Security Division of "Severn Trent Water". Each team has two men with Battle Rifles and two with Personal Defence Weapons (PDWs - SMGs to those of us still behind the times),  plus he took one leader with PDW. His choices were pretty much restricted by what his models were carrying,

Meanwhile I chose two cells of Spetznaz, each of a leader with AR\UGL, and three soldiers, one with PDW, one DMR (Designated Marksmans Rifle) and one with a Minimi LMG.

Part 2 - mission and set up