Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Dirty Deeds Somewhere in Central Europe............(part 2)

Deep in the woods, somewhere in Central Europe, a remote warehouse.

Inside, guarded by STW troops is a Soviet era nuclear warhead, a price has been agreed, and it will soon be collected by the client.

The Russians have learned of the location of the site, and have dispatched a quick reaction team to recover the warhead before the exchange. With extreme prejudice. The Russians have seven turns to secure two of the three objectives, the warhead itself, the site office (white caravan) where they hope to find documentation and intelligence, and the fuel depot by the main gate (to prevent anyone removing the warhead).

STW deploy a pair guarding the warhead, another pair plus the leader on perimeter guard, and the last four man team have just completed a check of the local roads in their 4x4.

Meanwhile the Spetznaz advance unseen in the woods.