Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Dirty Deeds Somewhere in Central Europe............(part 3) Going Loud

Our Black Ops game has now reached the critical bit where the lead starts to fly. The Spetznaz have seven turns to secure two out of three objectives. They start off well enough, sending a scout forward under cover from some overwatching colleagues

The guards are not prepared to sit idly by. As this was a standard game with no stealth rules they were aware that enemy were in the area, so the gate guard sent two men to investigate. The Spetznaz were already in position, and a spray of SAW fire opened the engagement, causing suppression on both guards. It is worthwhile explaining briefly the suppression rules here, which work really well. Any shots can be declared as trying to suppress. Shooting then happens as normal with a small bonus on the to hit score, but hits do not cause damage. Instead any troops hit by suppressive fire have to choose when they next activate to either duck behind cover, retreat, both losing the current activation, or face the fire and continue as normal - if they choose to continue the suppression hits are converted to real hits and results are diced for. This worked really well.

On the other side the Russian Scout took a shot with his DMR at one of the guards who was crossing open ground, and he went down hit. Return fire from the two guards who had been guarding the warhead caused two hits on the shooter, but he ducked back into cover as the rest of his team moved up,

Then it went "Kinetic". In a ferocious couple of activations the four SMG armed STW guards were all killed by the Spetznaz, mostly the result of point blank AKSU74 fire as the Special Force troops took advantage of their superior training and equipment. There was a short period when a series of STW activations looked like it may steady the situation, but then the Russians regained the initiative and made it count, losing one KIA and one walking wounded in the process, but securing the office objective and causing 5 KIA to the guards.

That left a single guard hiding at far corner of the building, and the STW leader and two guards who were running to join the fight. Again the superior training and equipment of the Russians proved decisive. A combination of suppressive fire from SAWs and aimed DMR shots, aided by underslung grenade launchers was too much for the remaining guards, particularly after their leader decided to brave the suppression and rally his troops, but only succeeded in catching a bullet to the forehead.

The last guards bravely tried to hold on, but the sheer weight of fire being directed at them finally overcame them.

The Russians were back in possession of their lost warhead, and hopefully no-one would ever know. Such is the world of Black Ops

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