Thursday, 8 May 2014

Press On 16 Platoon! (4) Out of the frying pan........

Paul was "a little disconcerted" at the Churchill blowing holes in both the house his squad were using as cover, and the squad itself, including an NCO who picked up a piece of shrapnel. He quickly got the survivors out of the back door and into the orchard where they went "tactical" and hunkered down waiting for der Tommies.

He also decided to try and make the Churchill "go away" but it was staying a long way out of Panzerfaust range, so he moved a Panzershrek team up to try and find a firing position.

Sadly this team ran into a burst of fire from the last British Squad who were holding their right flank, and even though they were in hard cover, both men "bought the farm".

Meanwhile the British pressed their advantage on the left, moving up and into the orchard. The remaining German squad opened up with a withering burst from 2 MG42s, killing 2 and inflicting 3 shock

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  1. It was getting very hairy in the wood! MG42's are murderous