Saturday, 10 May 2014

Stuck in Traffic (3) Choose your Apocalypse

Back to the burned out cars for 10/12mm modern and sci fi games.

Time to get some paint on them. At this point you really need to think about what caused your wrecks to be wrecks, and how long ago.

Burned out cars are almost white due to the ash.The windows pretty much always fall out and the tyres burn away to the rims.

Cars that have just been abandoned and have rusted tend to be, well, rusty, with suggestions of original colour here and there. Sometimes the windows remain, but the tyres are usually flat.

I'm trying to suggest the cars were burned out a long time ago and have now rusted, so I'm going for a rusty pink overall. Firstly I gave them all a very rough coat of flat brown

Then I followed it  up with a couple of equally rough drybrushes with lighter browns and pinks, ending almost in white, and put them off to one side.

Next step was the bases. I wanted to base them to make setting up quicker. If I had thought about it I would probably just have used the downloadable roads from Hawk Wargames and covered some card or mdf with them, but I didnt til it was too late (Doh!). I cut my bases to fit the general size of the roads - ie 4cm wide, and long enough for a couple of cars - 6cm long. I threw in a couple of 8x8s to do an intersection. I rounded the corners off as I think it looks better, then gave them a quick drybrush with a light grey to try and match the Hawk roads a bit.
  As you can see they looked a bit naff due to my poor attempt at drybrushing but frankly I couldn't be arsed to start again so they will have to do. I cut myself a template from the top of a blister pack and airbrushed some lines on the road sections. Then left them to dry

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