Friday, 16 May 2014

Maintaining Balance in the Lead Mountain

Not much happening at the moment, other than in an attempt to clear some space and raise some ££ I've decided to divest myself of some underused assets by flogging them on ebay.

The two main "victims" are my 15mm Austrian Army for 1866

And some nice 15mm Modern Brits

I'm letting them go with heavy heart but the sad truth has dawned. I only have a limited amount of gaming options, and stuff gathering dust and taking up storage space in the "Man Cave" isn't productive. I got to use the Austrians twice in ten years IIRC, so maybe it is time for someone else to get some pleasure out of them.  
On the other hand while I was putting them on ebay I spotted some nice Thracians going cheap which I picked up - Hey Ho!


  1. They look splendid little pieces
    Seems a pity to lose the 1866 boys
    Closets I have to these is my Franco Prussian
    But that's another er, box in the loft for me too

  2. Needs Must, Wolf From the Door and all that sadly. I also picked up a beautiful Albatross DII over the weekend for my Wings of War collection, so its not all one way

  3. I think I have 8 Albatrii in all - that almost sounds like a reason for a photoshoot :-)