Sunday, 4 May 2014

Stuck in Traffic (1)

Firstly I need to apologise because this is yet another DZC thing. Well at least partly. I am slowly building some modern 1:144 \ 12mm forces and these mesh well with some of the DZC terrain items I'm messing about with, so the following is a dual purpose project that will hopefully get some use for both.

I mentioned a while ago playing computer games. One of my favourites of recent years is Fallout 3 - set in a post apocalyptic wasteland. There are numerous striking images in there, and one of my favourites are the rusting car wrecks that litter the roads.

I'm looking for something similar to scatter around the table to provide a bit of cover and atmosphere that will double up for DZC and my modern games.

I picked up these on ebay. They come from China and are designed for use on N Gauge railway layouts. They're very cheap (Hooray!) at about £9 for 100 including postage, although smaller batches are available. My advice is you may as well buy a hundred rather mess about.

Close up you can see there are 3 versions of car and one people carrier

Detail on the bottom is pretty minimal sadly

You could use them "as is", but I was aiming for a wrecked and rusted look, so I need to do a bit of work first.

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