Friday, 9 May 2014

Press On 16 Platoon ! (5) End in sight

It was getting to the sticking point now. 16 Platoon needed to push on. The Germans were now suffering from their low manpower. In the orchard, there were only two understrength teams each of two men grimly holding on to their MG42s, plus a wounded NCO.

16 Platoons young CO saw the chance, and ordered his men forward. The two understrength teams then gave a textbook example of both the strength and weakness of German doctrine, putting down a withering burst of fire into the advancing British due to their two MG42s. German doctrine calls for the guns to provide the firepower while the rest of the squads feed them, so as long as there are a couple of men left, they can produce volumes of fire Allied units can only dream of. Two Brits dropped, and shock quickly accumulated, bit as this was spread between the whole squad they soaked up the punishment.

The British also have a doctrine which calls for the Brens to pin targets while the rest of the squads manoeuvre. Running forward the Platoon Commander personally directed the Bren team against just one of the MG42 teams. Marks dice were if anything good and getting better, and the Bren cut the MG42 and its gunners to pieces.

With his left flank collapsing Paul decided to withdraw to the final defensive positions in and around Church, ending the scenario. Mark and his 16 Platoon have only one more battle to win, but they will have to do it on their own as he rolled a paltry 3 support points for the next game.

Paul now has some serious thinking to do. His platoon is now down to less than half strength, and he has lost his Panzershrek and two of his precious MG42s, but he will have the advantage of defending a prepared position. The last fight for Maltot church could be grim for both sides.

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  1. Great AAR, but it was no walk in the park

    The last battle is a challenge for both sides, but (as in the scenario brief and force composition) is something only a campaign can bring out

    You would never generate it as a one battle but it seems fair and square after playing five games