Saturday, 10 May 2014

Stuck in Traffic (4)

So having got the cars about ready all that was left was to finish off and get them stuck down. I mentioned earlier that burned out cars have no tyres, just rims. I couldn't do much about this with the cheap plastic toys I have - or rather it simply wasn't worth the effort, so I took my trusty side clippers and chopped the tyres flush with the bottom of the chassis. The bits jumped all over and I'm sure they will cause havoc with the hoover at some point.

I think I mentioned that the undersides were not very detailed.I wanted to put a couple upside down in true Hollywood fashion, so I added a few bits of detailing to suggest the underside from scraps on three cars

Lastly everything got hot glued down, and a quick coat of spray matt varnish will hopefully sort out any glints and shiney bits.

So all done - at least for now. When I get around to converting my buildings to overgrown ones I will give some of the cars the same treatment. I'll also maybe place some "crud" around them to indicate they burned out - see the pic of the burned car earlier.

On the whole I'm ok with how they turned out, and they give me something to hide behind when the RPGs and \ or plasma cannons start to fire :-)


  1. You could sell these easily on eBay!
    Nice work

  2. Its a thought I suppose - maybe make a few more next time I set up the production line