Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Press On 16 Platoon! (2)

The Brits had the initiative and quickly established themselves in the “Red House” at the centre of the village, deploying their Vickers and an infantry squad, plus the Platoon Commander. On their left the Platoon Sgt took up position.

 German deployment was limited by awful dice – a combination of too many 4s and 5s meant only a sniper and one squad deployed initially – Paul deciding to keep his only Senior Leader off table to allow his platoon to deploy without delay.

The  British then had their first stroke of luck - 4 sixes on their command dice gained them a Chain of Command dice, and they also discovered a hidden stash of Calvados - Platoon morale immediately rose :-)

The new turn also saw the remaining British infantry deploy left and right of the main street, and start to push forward.

And what was that noise - yes the Churchill from 9RTR clanked into view at the end of street!

As this second pic shows, the Churchill had a good firing position into Maltot main street

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  1. Vickers HMG in the Red House, Churchill looking down the road and a backpack full of brandy, it was certainly looking good at this point ;)