Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Chain of Command Campaign - Press On 16 Platoon! (1)

Scenario 4 of the Wiltshires in Maltot campaign (and a welcome return to historical games, none of this sci fi stuff!). 

Seeking to maintain the pressure, 16 Platoon try to push forward through Maltot itself. Paul D commanding the Germans, Mark F the Brits

Terrain for this game was much denser than before, representing the main street. I was a little bit disappointed as we didn’t quite have the right style or number of houses available, but we made the best of what we had. It should also be mentioned that in a moment of total forgetfulness yours truly failed to bring the Jump Off and Patrol markers so we had to make do with poker chips - Germans Green, Brits Red.

The patrol phase resulted in a fairly concerted push by both sides to get established in the buildings that lined the main street. It is fair to say that the Brits probably got the better of this phase, although it was close. 

Lighting in the club, combined with my poor camera skills, apologies. The British objective is to capture the Jump off point in the faun coloured building to the left.

Brits had chosen a Churchill and a Vickers bun in support, plus an Adjutant off table. The Germans had a Shrek team and a sniper.

The British were still operating at close to full strength, being only three or so men down, albeit with a fresh NCO who would not be operating at full potential. The Germans were now perilously thin on the ground, although their plethora of MG42s meant they could still put down impressive amounts of fire. 


  1. It is a long way to travel from the far end of the table to the Green triangle of death (German jump-off points)

  2. Or was it game five but we repeated scenario three twice?