Saturday, 26 April 2014

Getting involved

I was prattling on last post about my Covenanter so I thought I would share some happy news. I bought it a set of cammo.

I should explain that in WoT this is a fairly major step, not quite meeting the parents but certainly admitting to your mates you have a steady girlfriend territory. The reason is that it involves real ££ money. WoT is in theory free to play, but you can buy some stuff to make your tank a bit better. You can use in game currency earned in battle, or pay ££. I decided to risk the "Wallet Warrior" jibes and spent 55p getting three different cammo schemes for my Covenanter, Winter, Desert, and this fetching two tone green Summer scheme shown. All in all it has very little in game effect - I get spotted 5% less than before, but spending that 55p has signalled that I don't intend to dispose of the Covenanter when I'm done with it, so its a commitment :-)  

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