Saturday, 19 April 2014

Trouble With Rubble (2) Thinking about it

First step was to sit down and think

Always the difficult bit really.  In my mind I know what I want. I want piles of rubble, not ruins. I also want to suggest those piles were once buildings. I long ago realised that the mind is easily tricked. If you want to make something look like a ruined hose, you need to put something in there that draws the eye – a chair for instance. After that the mind fills in the rest and the model doesn’t need to be too detailed. I suppose the same holds true for real life. A picture of a pile of rubble doesn’t cause as much shock as a the same pile of rubble with a childs doll or teddybear poking out. In fact I’m convinced some journalists take a sack full of spares in case they need the right shot. Anyway back to my rubble. What I want is a pile of rubble with some shapes in there to suggest to the eye they were once buildings, so walls, pipes etc sticking out.  Ideally I would have bought some of the Hawk resin building detail tiles and cut them up and used them, but the budget for this build is £0 so that  is out. Luckily I think I have everything I need in my “Man Cave”.

I decided the rubble needed the same footprint as the DZC buildings it would replace. This is not strictly true, as there are always bits that fall into the road or on adjacent passers-by, but I had a rather daft idea that If I kept the dimensions the same as the card buildings we were using I could leave the rubble inside them and lift them off once they were destroyed – too bloody faffy by far and a direct breach of the guiding light and golden rule KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

I also wanted this to be a one off – I’m building all 18 at once, not faffing around in a way that leaves the project unfinished and taking up valuable time and space.

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