Saturday, 19 April 2014

Trouble with Rubble (3) Doing something

Stage 1 Cutting.

DZC buildings share a common footprint as a multiple of 36mm, so a three block square building is 108mm x 108mm etc. I marked up and cut out the 18 building bases I wanted in a variety of sizes to suit the card buildings I have –  72 x 108, 108x108 72 x 180 and 108 x 180. I used some think mounting board style card – technically it was a card used to make strike placards during my Trade Union days, now long gone. 
UNISON may well not won many disputes, but their placards have provided me with bases for my wargames stuff for the last 20 years J

Once I cut them out I scored the backs to help prevent them curling, and rounded the corners with some clippers – nothing fancy.

Stage 2 Hot Glue Action
I got the trusty hot glue gun out and fired it up.  Side note. Hot glue guns are the invention of Lazy McLazy from Lazytown. They’re bloody useless for anything needing precision and leave strings of glue everywhere. On a job like this however they are a godsend and they’re very cheap to buy from craft stores so if you don’t have one, get one.  I hot glued a selection of lego bricks to the bases, never more than one brick tall and usually only one or two per base. I just want something to give me a bit of height. Then I took some foamcore oddments and cut them up into irregular bits, and glued them to the base, again stacking them but no more than 2 layers high. Third element is some walls. These are made of offcuts from the basing board but with the edges nibbled with a punch thing my Good Lady Wife loaned me about five years ago and forgot about I assume. The punch is supposed to produce little flower shapes but I found it was good for making holes in walls or edging. I made some lengths of wall and glued them on the bases too, and saved the spare punched out bits for later. Lastly, my particular favourite, Granny Grill. Not sure what the actual name is but it is sold in craft shops and is used I believe in embroidery or needlepoint. It is a plastic grill and usually costs a quid or so a sheet. I cut this into irregular sections and this too got hot glued onto the bases.

Stage 3 Budgie Grit
This is sold in most pet shops, basically it is supposed to be used to put at the bottom of the budgie cage.  I mixed some sand and the offcuts from the punch, and any spare scrap of anything really into a tub. Then I got the biggest brush and proceeded to cover the bases and bits with a good coat of PVA EXCEPT the granny grill. The base was then covered in my budgie grit rubble mix and left to dry.

One dried, I will start painting. Meanwhile here is a quick shot of the bases in the sun.

and a close up


  1. DZC is futuristic so I assume oodles of firepower abound to instantaneously "ash" urban areas

    Not too bad for Stalingrad either
    Reading with interest ;)

  2. Cheers. Yes DZC has plenty of weapons that can damage buildings, and some that can (at least in theory) drop a small building in one shot. Stalingrad etc is viable too, although if I were building with that sort of game in mind I would leave plenty of space inside to get your toys in

  3. Very nice... The standing plastic grids give it a nice 9/11 feeling.
    I'll probaly use stones instead of LEGO to avoid drama with my son.

    The terrain reminds me of the PHRs favorite tactic: ;)

    If there is enemy infantry in it - blow it up
    If there is an objective in it - blow it up
    If your bored - blow it up.